PSAS/ news/ 1999-07-18 - OMSI Space Celebration


This years OMSI Space Celebration was a big success. We were there representing Portland State Aerospace Society along with a small contingent of other space advocates, among them were a couple of NASA representatives and the Oregon L5 society.
The turn out was exceptional. OMSI drew a lot of people that weekend, with their space theme, community participants, and of course their very cool, "Destiny in Space" OmniMax film.
On display we had our LV-0 and LV-1 rockets complete with functioning payload. The ATV transmitter, with dummy load antenna, broadcast live pictures from the payload module. Complete with data stream running to a laptop display. We could walk about OMSI with the payload module and view it all on the television back at our booth.
We also had the on board and ground footage, from the April LV-1 launch, playing for people to see, along with poster board displays of vehicle and payload specifics.
We spent both Saturday and Sunday talking to people and answering questions about our project, electronics, engineering, space, rockets, and the future. We meet a lot of really great people and had some pretty good conversations with others that were very interested in what is currently going on in the aerospace field. We are looking forward to doing it again next year.
Photo Gallery :

Glenn Sets up ATV equipment for live video.
Andrew and Todd prep the payload module.
Brian and Matt man the display.
Andrew with payload transmitting live video and data.
NASA representative across the isle demonstrating a space suit.
omsimov.mpg A small MPEG movie of our display ( 1.0 meg )