PSAS/ news/ 1999-07-07 - General Meeting in PCAT 103

Distance Measurement Equipment (DME):

We're canceling the DME for Black Rock '99 because there simply isn't enough time to design, implement and test it before then (it's only 75 days away). Some of the issues we have with the system are:
- Will increased IMU be better (and as accurate) as the DME?
- Would it be good for INS to have the DME for absolute position reference?
- Can GPS or DGPS replace the DME? Only if we can get accurate Z position and higher frequency update.
- There seems to be a ton of uses for such a system: the drone, "do it yourself" GPS, etc.
Conclusion: We are go for further research and development (Ron S. and Matt R.).


Matt R. is doing fuel characterization tests over the next few weeks.
Tests are at Paul G.'s house before August.
Full motor tests will still need to be out in Claskanine.
Goal: Fuel characterization in July, start testing motors in early August.
Backup plan: if no working motor by September 1st, we borrow a casing and purchase an Aerotech motor.


Add an extra antenna pair, use straight wires (instead of angled "v"). Anything else? (Glenn L., Steve D.)
Add polarization sense switch on ground antenna for flip in polarization. (Glenn L., Steve D.)
Test audio subcarrier (on Saturday 7/10) to see if that was the problem with the data bit flips. (Glenn L., Steve D.)


Rollerons! (Brian O.)

Flight Computer:

Decide on downlink in the next week or so: high bandwidth addition? Or stick with 2400bps? (all)
Attempt to get good IMU sensors (Andrew Gg)
Start planning out new FC - onboard RAM? Igniters? Etc. (Andrew G., Matt M., Michael K., anyone else)

OMSI Space Days:

Here's what we've got going on:

LV1 Payload Destruction, Document, Test and Construction:
Saturday 7/10 from 7pm to Midnight at Brian's apt. (Brian, Andrew, Glenn, Steve, more!)
Poster and Booth work:
Sunday 7//11 from 10am - ? at Andrew's: Posters and docs for Space Days (?)
Booth Setup:
Friday 7/16 from 2pm to 5pm at OMSI: Booth setup at OMSI (everyone!)
OMSI Space Days:
Saturday 7/17 from 9:15am to 7:00pm (Brian, Todd, Anthony, anyone else)
OMSI Space Days:
Sunday 7/18 from 9:15am to 7:00pm (Andrew, Tim, Ron, anyone else)