PSAS/ news/ 1999-04-21 - General Meeting in PCAT 103

* * Here is the list of some of the ideas we discussed for LV2 and some ideas for group structure going into the next phase. Please scroll to bottom of page to see suggested club logo we will need to make a decision on this at the next meeting.


Topic of Interest: What are we going to do next?

General goals of the "next project" - LV2:

100kft capability with single stage (if possible) - potential for 100kft+ with staging.
Extremely modular airframe - "plug and play" sections for propulsion, INS, avionics, payload, etc.
70% mass fraction on empty single stage vehicle.
Capable of upgrading from IMU to INS.
Use scratch built composite and/or hybrid motors.
Higher frequency and bandwidth bi-directional communications with LV.
Smarter launch tower (ground support).
Order of magnitude increase fun-ness.

Peer review of system design.
In situ documentation.
Critical Path charting with time line as best we can.
System/project group accountability.


Better field operations:
Time-stamping to data and field operations.
Increased aesthetics - costumes! Yellow warning tape! Sirens! Confirmation beeps on radios!
Better communication between team members and observers, better checklists and scripts, etc.
Multi-channel or multi-camera or increased quality video.
Define exact payload constraints - weight, dimensions, etc.
Access Hatches with "No hatch needed" design.
Umbilical cord for shore power and other needs.
Modular fin canister system.
Rolleron system for fins.
Centralized avionics power with backup.

Wish list:

Everyone gets amateur license (Ham).
Land-able or steer-able rocket recovery.
Andrew finishes code months before launch.
Camera in nose.


High altitude, long duration glider
Earth Rover
Separate projects - other universities, atmospheric sampling, etc.

Team groups:


* * - Design and construction of modular vehicle airframe
- Includes payload aero-shell, main vehicle body, fin section and rail attachments


* * - Development, construction and testing of composite motors for sustainers and boosters
- Development, construction and testing of hybrid sustainer motors
- Includes integration into modular airframe system
- Includes integration of future INS actuators into propulsion frame (if TVC)


* * - Specification for payload/vehicle interface
- Main contact for other group's payload projects (if there are any)


* *- Flight Computer, down link processing, up link processing, proprioceptive sensors
- Inertial Measurement Unit design, construction and testing
- Future Inertial Navigation System control system
- Integration of avionics into modular airframe


* *- Design, construction and test of recovery systems
- Includes high speed parachutes, pyrotechnic systems, etc.


* * - Design, construction and testing of high speed bi-directional communications system
- Includes ATV system, camera,
- Includes Ground Support communications (LCM/LT comm., personal radios, etc.)


* *- Web development
- Documentation supervision and control

Field Operations

* -* Launch control and organization
- Organize Checklists and scripts
- Recovery operations: organizing recovery expeditions over local terrain
- Contact with official organizations - FAA, BLM, etc.

Ground Support

* * - Launch Tower
- Launch Control Module
- Ground Support Logistics: Tables, chairs, food, tools, supplies, etc.

Public Relations

* *- Official contact for group to media, businesses, etc.
- Fund raising

AESS Chair(s)

* *- AESS Member. Official contact to AESS and PSU ECE.
- Treasurer and IEEE/AESS funds handler

PSAS Chair(s)

* *- PSU Student. Official contact with PSU as a whole.

Potential club logo: We can put this on a t-shirt for the next launch. We could do black on white, white on black, or really any color combination. Look it over and think about it so we can discuss it next meeting. If you have a different idea or a change for this one bring it with you Wednesday.

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