PSAS/ news/ 1999-04-07 - Payload and Recovery Tests IV

* * The final integration tests before the April 11th launch were conducted on Tuesday. The rocket was fully assembled into it's final flight configuration and the payload loaded into the airframe and all systems tested. The video and data streams are working perfectly as is the manual dtmf up link system. If everything goes as planned and the weather cooperates the rocket will FLY in a few days.

Some pictures of the days events :

Andrew and Steve with rocket fully loaded. Heavy puppy, weighing in at 45lbs.
Matt, Andrew, and Steve install payload electronics into sleeve.
Matt on tether to control payload section after separation charge fires. (section is tied off to boom)
Steve builds some-upper body strength.
Tower with test boom.
Rocket innards : camera element, mirror / shroud, and antennas.
Payload transmitting video!!!
Matt keys in dtmf codes to manually change flight computer states.
Screen shot of down link data capture program running realtime.
Steve tests launch ignition electronics through 1000 feet of wire.