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A little background


Name: Corporal

Purpose: A surface-to-surface guided missile capable of engaging tactical targets with either atomic or conventional warheads

Prime Contractor: Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. and Gilfillan Bros.

Speed: Mach 3.5

Range: 25 to 75 nautical miles

Altitude: Approximately 26 miles on a ballistic trajectory

Length: 544.4 inches

Diameter: 30 inches

Total Weight: 11,400 pounds

Propulsion: Liquid rocket engine of 20,000 pounds of thrust using aniline and red fuming nitric acid

Guidance System: Preset and command

The Type I CORPORAL was 45 feet long, 30 inches in diameter and weighed 11,400 pounds. The propulsion system, with a burning time of 63 seconds, developed 20,000 pounds of thrust. The fuel was liquid aniline, with inhibited red fuming nitric acid (IRFNA) as the oxidizing agent. Capable of carrying a 1,500-pound payload at ranges of 50,000 to 120,000 meters, or 25 to 75 nautical miles, the Type I system was fired from a mobile ground installation. It was designed to fly a series of standard trajectories.

The Motor itself

Seems to be in good shape and never fired. There's a small amount of surface rust on the steel exterior and some oxidation inside the bell, but not bad. The motor has some plumbing and valves but that ends near where the turbo pumps should begin. The motor is in good shape considering it was manufactured in the mid 1950's.

Photo Gallery : (Photos are very large and take a while to download)

Andrew G. with motor. (Font side) Motor (back side)
Motor top #1 Motor top #2
Motor top #3 Help me !
Acid and Aniline inlet Business end
Injector face Corporal Missile in action.
Motor data plate Injector data plate

An Idea : Ford F150 + 20K thrust motor = Darwin Award

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