PSAS/ lv2cguidance


Purpose: The LV2.3 rocket design is intended to be a testbed for development of our avionics, recovery, and control systems. We have successfully planned, designed, built, and tested systems in each of these areas. This project represents our next progression from simple control systems such as roll control (link) to a considerably more complex six-degree-of-freedom control system. This step in our development process will likely result in some failures because it is more complex (by orders of magnitude) than anything we have done so far. From our failures and successes, we aim to actively guide our rocket.

There will be a final step in this process, which will be guiding our rocket in an unstable configuration (no fins) using only thrust vectoring. With that, we will push toward orbit.



Current Design


Next items needed:


Mass Moment of Inertia

Our project requires the full inertia tensor. We will measure this experimentally, then check against the model.


CFT notes

\left [ \begin{matrix}
\overset{\centerdot}{\phi}   \\
\overset{\centerdot}{\theta} \\
\end{matrix} \right ] =
\left [ \begin{matrix}
1  &  tan \theta sin \phi  &  tan \theta cos \phi  \\
0  &  cos \phi             &  -sin \phi            \\
0  &  sec \theta sin \phi  &  sec \theta cos \phi
\end{matrix} \right ]
\left [ \begin{matrix}
\omega_{x} \\
\omega_{y} \\
\end{matrix} \right ]