PSAS/ fwdevsetuplpc2148

2148 FW development environment bring up and configuration notes

Capturing notes and steps taken in configuring my system(s) for use in LPC2148 development. I will include everything from getting to the source to talking to the JTAG, referencing Dave's existing page on mostly the same topic but with a different level of detail.

Once I'm done with this page anyone is welcome to merge these notes with Dave's and remove this page if wanted.

I'm doing this because there where many gotchas and steps that tripped me up re-creating a working developer configuration. I also want to capture the step-by-step setup for "bare-metal" and freertos FW development. Note: I have the cheaper wiggler JTAG but will try to make configurations compatable with the, Olimex USB JTAG, and call out where they differ.

This assumes a Linux based system. I'm using Ubuntu7.10 for these notes:

tool chains (plural)

Code Bases

HelloWorld lpc-newlib

HelloWorld FreeRTOS

PSAS code base

LPC21ISP flash programming


Wiggler config (parale port)

USB JTAG config and setup

Eclipse setup


projects and paths

Eclipse based HelloWorlds

bare metal lpc-newlib


Gotchas + tips and tricks