PSAS/ CPA v4 Design Page

Linearly-polarized cylindrical patch antennas

We're designing new linearly-polarized cylindrical patch antennas for:

Although we're calling them CPA v4, they are almost exactly similar to the v3 design - just tweaked here and there. Our old design notes can be found here, and the construction notes can be found here.

Here is the v4 design file: cpa v4 calculator.xls

To use the file, simply:

  1. Copy the green section
  2. Paste it into a file or text editor.
  3. Replace all tabs with spaces.
  4. Copy the new text.
  5. Open a new board layout in EAGLE.
  6. Right-click in the command line editor in EAGLE and choose 'Paste'.
  7. Hit 'Enter', and the CPA should magically assemble itself in EAGLE.

TODO: Add more about materials, who we're using to fab, etc etc.

Example layout

Example layout in Eagle

This is an example layout clearly showing the corporate feed structure and the band of copper that is the actual antenna.