PSAS/ communications/ s band atv
  1. Requirements
  2. Choice of ATV systems
  3. Choice of Channels
  4. Other considerations

In our transition from LV2 to LV2.3, we've decided to move our previous L band amateur television (ATV) system to the S band. We experienced severe interference between the old L band ATV system and our L1 GPS, so instead of the mitigation hacks we did before, we thought just moving it would be a fine idea.


Choice of ATV systems

We were looking for a separate transmitter and power amplifier, but instead found the BoosterVision BV-M1W-CCD "1 W 2.4 GHz TX/RX Kit w/camera. Some details:

We've already tested the units indoors, and they seem to work well.

Choice of Channels

Like the telemetry system, we want to hit the middle of the channel range so that we can move the channel in order to better match whatever the actual frequency of the constructed CPA is. That would mean targeting 2.430 GHz.

Other considerations