PSAS/ avionics/ TQM5200 Flight Computer Carrier Board


Our current flight computer is a PowerPC-based single board computer, specifically chosen because of a "Linux on POWER" grant from IBM that Dr. Massey received a few years back.

We chose the TQ-Components TQM5200 as our SBC because it had everything we needed:

It's a relatively small board at 80 x 60 mm, with an array of high density surfacemount connectors on the bottom. We've created a "carrier board" which adapts it for use in the AV3 system.

The carrier board is essentially a flight worthy version of TQ Component's STK5200, a giant, multi-purpose carrier board that breaks out the TQM5200 into essentially a PC motherboard (includes VGA, USB, keyboard and mouse, etc). That's good for prototyping, but it's too big and fragile for a rocket.

Flight Computer Carrier Board Requirements

Capstone Project

The FC carrier was handed over to a 2009-2010 capstone team for design, build and test. They successfully built and brought up the board, although not all features have been tested yet. Please see their project for the rest of the information on this board.

Completed Schematic

Here's a PDF of the schematic for handy reference. Otherwise, you can find the EAGLE CAD files in the avionics-cad repository.