PSAS/ avionics/ capstone2010/ meetings/ 2010-08-31 - Initial bringup notes.

The FC carrier boards were built back in June 2010, but the SPS section was just completely dead in the water - it wouldn't output any voltage at all. We sent the boards to Screaming Circuits and they X-rayed the giant LGA LT4619 micromodules. As we had feared, all of the solder got sucked into the vias-in-pads and there were no connects everywhere. Next time: don't just fill the vias with solder paste, actually bake them to get rid of the flux which takes up most of the volume of the paste. SC went in and hand tented the pads and the micromodule pads, and then reworked that chip.

Finally, we had output voltages we could use. A few real problems then surfaced: