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Power Supply Connections and Components

Figuring out front end current consumption

What's the power consumption of the flight computer carrier board? Roughly, it's the components of the TQM5200, the Innodisk flash HDD, running the secondary USB which can take up to 500 mA, and the various other misc circuits (debugging LEDs, clock dividers, USB transceivers, CAN transcevers, etc).

Component V I P I @ Vbat = 10V @ 70%
TQM5200 3.3 V 1.96 A 6.47 W 0.924 A
INNOdisk 3.3 V 0.14 A 0.46 W 0.066 A
USB-2 5.0 V 0.50 A 0.25 W 0.179 A
Misc 3.3 V 0.25 A 0.83 W 0.118 A
TOTAL 1.29 A

So the power supply front end should be able to handle 1.3 A continuously.

IC Units