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    1. WPR: Week ending 01/10
    2. WPR: Week ending 01/17
    3. WPR: Week ending 01/31
    4. WPR: Week ending 02/07
    5. WPR: Week ending 02/14
    6. WPR: Week ending 02/28
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Weekly Progress Reports:

WPR: Week ending 01/10

WPR: Week ending 01/17

WPR: Week ending 01/31

WPR: Week ending 02/07

WPR: Week ending 02/14

WPR: Week ending 02/28

WPR: Week ending 03/07

WPR: Week ending 03/14

WPR: Week ending 03/24

Bad news abou the CF card. Need to start a new design for IDE connector PSAS team chose

WPR: Week ending 03/30

GIT still does not work on my Laptop. Need help with that over this wek end Andrew will remotely work with me on it

Next week need board ether connector schematic done

WPR: Week ending 04/13

Meeting with Andrew to work on the Ethernet board layout.

WPR: Week ending 04/27

Need help with Ethernet board layout

WPR: Week ending 05/11

DRC with Andrew on the Ethernet connector Bom started for part ordering

WPR: Week ending 05/18

Work on poster and test plan

Start working on report next week

WPR: Week ending 05/25

Poster presentation

WPR: Week ending 06/08

Worked on Final report and presentation


My Notes

According to the MPC5200 user guide (link found below,) the MPC5200 supports ATA-4 with PIO, Ultra DMA, and Multiword DMA transfer mode. This puts a clear restriction on data transfer speed of the CF card.

Andrew and Josh seem to lean toward UDMA instead of Multiword DMA and PIO for that matter (WHICH I AM STILL EXPLORING.)

Below is a conversion between Andrew and Josh about some thoughts on the CF cards specs they think should be taken into consideration.

(01:47:46 PM) Josh: But not keeping the CPU busy all the time doing PIO

to the disk seems like a feature.

(01:48:49 PM) andrew: Well it's looking like some CF cards may actually

support DMA?

(01:49:05 PM) Josh: In theory they *can, but I don't know that any*

do. Got one that actually claims to?*

(01:50:04 PM) andrew: Hmmmm. Don't know yet.

(01:51:37 PM) Josh: looks


(01:54:37 PM) Josh: According to Lexar, all their 133x and higher CF

cards do DMA.

(01:54:54 PM) Josh: No idea if that'll work with the TQM5200.

(01:55:19 PM) Josh: Could we get PSAS to buy one?

(01:56:57 PM) andrew: Yes, we'll do that.

(01:57:17 PM) Josh: Lexar's website suggests that even their 80x

"Platinum II" cards support DMA as well.

(01:57:36 PM) Josh: So, depending on desired size and speed, the prices

seem pretty reasonable.

(01:57:57 PM) Josh: The 4GB 80x (12MB/s) runs $39.99.

(01:58:22 PM) Josh: I don't think we need any bigger than that, though

faster might prove useful.

(01:58:34 PM) andrew: Yeah, I agree: faster = better.

(01:59:04 PM) Josh: Well, 4GB 300x (45MB/s) runs $69.99.

(01:59:27 PM) Josh: Doesn't get any faster than that for prices we'd

want to pay.

(01:59:30 PM) andrew: It depends what the MPC5200 supports, I suppsose.

(01:59:33 PM) Josh: Yeah.

(01:59:49 PM) andrew: It's ATA-4, so that's... UDMA mode 0-4.

(02:00:05 PM) Josh: The Lexar cards say they do UDMA, though not what modes.

(02:00:26 PM) Josh: Ah, here we go.

(02:00:34 PM) Josh: Apparently the 300x cards do up to mode 5.

(02:00:41 PM) andrew: It's looking like we can do UDMA at 33 MB/s

(02:00:55 PM) Josh: Mode 4 theoretically means ATA/66.

(02:01:41 PM) andrew: Uh...My bad: UDMA 0, 1, 2 only.

(02:01:45 PM) Josh: ...oh.

(02:01:47 PM) Josh: Sad.

(02:02:00 PM) Josh: That means 16.7 MB/s max.

(02:02:13 PM) andrew: Yep.

(02:02:13 PM) Josh: Which means we needn't bother going much faster than

the 80x (12MB/s).

(02:02:43 PM) Josh: Certainly we shouldn't bother with the 233x or 300x.

(02:02:52 PM) Josh: So, probably best to get the 80x.

(02:03:01 PM) andrew: Yep, I agree. Thanks Josh, that was very useful.

(02:03:13 PM) *Josh Triplett takes a quick look around for that model


(02:03:28 PM) Josh: LCF4GBBSBNA080 , for the record.

(02:04:17 PM) Josh: Amazon has it for $24.99 with free shipping.

Upon change made to the initial requirements of the CF connector to have some sort of ejector mechanism, i also went ahead

and changed the CF connector i initially found from having an ejector to not having one.

CF Notes


List of CF cards








CF Connector Notes


Compact Flash card connectors come in many flavors and features. These connectors can be Type I, II or both. They can be simple

headers, or header-ejector assembly with foldable, push pull type ejector...

Digikey had 8 different Manufacturers listed making CF connectors.


The MI21 Series (MI21-50PD-SF(71)) from HIROSE ELECTRONICS was chosen because it met all the requirements.

Design for minimum space usage (smaller width and depth)

Particular part is for both Type I and II

Current rating of .5A and Voltage rating of 120V AC

Operating Temperature range: -20 to +60 degree Celsius

Insertion/Withdrawal: 10000 cycles at 400 to 600 cycles per hour

Vibration: No electrical discontinuity of 100ns or more within a frequency of 10 to 2000Hz, acceleration of 147 (meter per

second square)

CF connector to D2-X1 interfacing

Pin Name CF Connector(STK5200 HW Manual Rev.009) Pin Name CF Connector(CF Spec Rev2.1) Pin # CF Connector Pin# D2-X1 Pin Name MPC5200
DGND GND Pin 1 (0) GND
DD3 D03 Pin 2 87 EXT_AD3
DD4 D04 Pin 3 86 EXT_AD4
DD5 D05 Pin 4 83 EXT_AD5
DD6 D06 Pin 5 84 EXT_AD6
DD7 D07 Pin 6 81 EXT_AD7
/ATA_CS0 /CS0 110 LP_CS4
DGND A10 (1) GND
DGND A09 Pin 10 (0) GND
DGND A08 Pin 11 (0) GND
DGND A07 Pin 12 (0) GND
VCC5V VCC Pin 13 (1) PWR
DGND A06 Pin 14 (0) GND
DGND A05 Pin 15 (0) GND
DGND A04 Pin 16 (0) GND
DGND A03 Pin 17 (0) GND
ATA_ADR2 A02 Pin 18 68 SA_2
ATA_ADR1 A01 Pin 19 69 SA_1
ATA_ADR0 A00 Pin 20 70 SA_0
DD0 D00 Pin 21 92 EXT_AD0
DD1 D01 Pin 22 89 EXT_AD1
DD2 D02 Pin 23 88 EXT_AD2
/IOCS16 /IOCS16 Pin 24
/CD2 /CD2 Pin 25 NC
/CD1 /CD1 Pin 26
DD11 D11 Pin 27 77 EXT_AD11
DD12 D12 Pin 28 76 EXT_AD12
DD13 D13 Pin 29 75 EXT_AD13
DD14 D14 Pin 30 72 EXT_AD14
DD15 D15 Pin 31 71 EXT_AD15
/ATA_CS1 /CS1 Pin 32 108 LP_CS5
/VS1 /VS1 Pin 33 N.C NC
/ATA_IOR /IORD Pin 34 100 /ATA_IOR
VCC5V /WE Pin 36 (1) PWR
VCC5V VCC Pin 38 (1) PWR
/VS2 /VS2 Pin 40 N.C NC
ATA_DACK /DMACK Pin 44 104 3.7
DD8 D08 Pin 47 80 EXT_AD8
DD9 D09 Pin 48 79 EXT_AD9
DD10 D10 Pin 49 78 EXT_AD10
DGND D11 Pin 50 (0) GND





-How to post images on the wiki

-Interfacing CF connector with MPC5200, how to know which signal is important or not. Difference between MPC5200 datasheet and

CF spec recommendations.

-The transfer speeds of the CF cards differ between the datasheet/website and the CF Performance database website

-Does the CF Connector have integrated holes for screws ?

Meeting notes