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ARTS-2 Flight Computer SOP


  1. Program the ARTS-2
  2. Connect 9v power, and RS-232 serial cable
  3. Start up Data Analyzer application from Ozark Aerospace
  4. Specify com port if necessary
  5. Verify correct operation of ARTS-2
  6. Goto altimeter->diagnostics
  7. Press chirp to test tone generation
  8. With pyros disconnected, click boomer/sw, both pyros should show bad. Switch 2 should show 'off', and switch 1 show 'on'
  9. Connect the resisor/led combo to each pyro channel, click boomer/sw to verify that the respective channel shows OK. Also test-fire each pyro with the respective LED to make sure it lights the LED.
  10. Setup profiles
  11. We will be using flight profile 1 (one). Make sure respective dip switch on (dip switch 1 should be 'On')
  12. Goto the Altimeter->Configuration
  13. Verify Profile 1 is configured to deploy drogue at apogee, and main at 1000ft, with a 50hz sample rate. You can 'Load from Alt', and verify these numbers, and 'Save to Alt'. When saving to alt for profile 1, you'll hear 1 beep.
  14. Verify Profile 2 is configured do deploy channel 1 at apogee, channel 2 at 1000ft, and a 50 hz rate... Just to be safe, save this to the altimeter. When saving to alt for profile 2, you'll hear 2 beeps.

Launch Procedures

Recovery Procedures

  1. Power down ARTS2
  2. Connect ARTS-2 Flight computer to serial port on host computer
  3. Start Data Analyzer application
  4. Goto altimeter->download flight data
  5. It will download
  6. Goto flight->save as, save to a file.
  7. Goto flight->export as->Interpreted Data, save to respective file.
  8. Goto flight->export as->Raw Data, save to respective file.