PSAS/ avionics/ 2009PressureSensorDesignProject

2009 Pressure Sensors Design Project

This page details the latest design for implementing pressure sensor(s) in the avionics system of LV2C. Please note that this is separate from the concurrent Capstone projects.

Current Status

We are currently identifying this project's stakeholders. Maria will follow up with Dan and Andrew on this.

Project Overview

Maria and Dan are "writing down the steps of the process". Here's what we've got so far:

Project Stakeholders

Here's a preliminary list of this project's stakeholders.

List Connection
Andrew Organizes team, Technical resource, signal processing, people.
Tim Technical resource, physics, signal processing, think tank.
Jamey End user of sensor data.
Josh End user of sensor data.
Dave Technical resource, LPC, USB, CAN.
K Technical resource, LPC, USB.
Ai Ling Capstone student assigned to pressure sensing.
Maria Designer.
Dan Technical resource, LPC, CAN, control theory, design process.