PSAS/ SystemRequirementsFor04May2003

Requirements for Launch, due May 4th, 2003

Phase I: "Go/No Go" Requirements

  1. GPS spits out data to CAN.
  2. IMU spits out data to CAN.
  3. Pwr node works as spec'd (turns power on and off, sends V/I measurements, ?RocketReady, etc.).
  4. ATV system works as spec'd except for overlay (DNI camera mounting/prism).
  5. Slot antennas are tuned, RF sub-systems (ATV, GPS, 802.11b) operational.
  6. Pyrotechnic board has battery backup, failsafe timer, firing circuits & receives 2m emergency uplink commands.
  7. Flight Computer Software:
    1. Logs all CAN packets.
    2. Powers up rocket.
    3. Interacts with ground control to assert rocketready (includes self test).
    4. Routes some packets (TBD) to ground.
    5. Statemachine:
    6. Detects launch (launch detect) using GPS, Z axis accel & umb cord.
    7. Starts failsafe timer on FC and on pyro board
    8. Takes 802.11b commands to fire pyros

Phase II: "Would be nice if" (prioritized)

  1. ATV overlay system displays GPS position & FC status.
  2. More full statemachine (boost, coast, etc.)
  3. GPS/INS code on FC.