PSAS/ RocketViewLaunchPanel

This is the spec for the LaunchControl panel when embedded in the RocketView application. It will reside at the bottom of the window, to the left of the IMU strip charts. The layout is designed to minimize the overall height of the panel.

T+/-0.0 Countdown stopped [x] Shore power
Preflight Check
Arm Rocket
Start Countdown
Powerdown FC
FC Off

The top left pane is an indicator of the current time before or after the ignition event during a launch sequence. It is blank before the countdown has started.

The top middle pane is an indicator of the current launch state:

The top right pane is a checkbox that both indicates the current state of shore power and allows manually toggling the shore power relay. The buttons underneath it script a timed sequence of these toggles to specifically turn on power to the FlightComputer.

The bottom rows are all buttons. The "Start Countdown" button changes to "ABORT" when the countdown is in progress.

-- IanOsgood - 09 Jun 2005