PSAS/ RocketViewApsNode

APS Node Display in rocketview

Note: Message IDs are described in the form DEFINED_MESSAGE_NAME = [16bit ID] = [11bit ID] [RTR] [length] [byte0] ... [byte7], where the 16bit ID is the 16 bit "packed value" of the ID (11 bits CAN ID + 1 bit RTR + 4 bits length).

A dash (-) in a data means that data is unknown because no CAN message with that data in it has been received yet. Thus, on startup, rocketview will have dashes in all the data until the messages start flowing in.

APS Node ([-|Sleep|Awake|Safe|Armed])

Umbilical: [-|Connected|Removed] Shore Pwr: [-|On|Off] Rkt Rdy: [-|On|Off]

Battery: [-|xx.x]V [-|x.xx]A [-|]AHr Charging: [-|On|Off]

S1 (FC): [-|On|Off] S2 (CAN): [-|On|Off] S3 (ATV): [-|On|Off] S4 (WIFI): [-|On|Off]

The APS mode is set by APS_REPORT_MODE = 2B01 = 158 0 1 [mode] where mode is:

Umbilical (whether the umbilical cord is plugged in or not) is set by UMB_REPORT_CONNECTOR = 3301 = 198 0 1 [umb] where umb is:

Shore Pwr (whether the external "shore" power is on) is set by UMB_REPORT_SHOW_POWER = 3321 = 199 0 1 [pwr] where pwr is:

Rkt Rdy (whether the rocket is asserting the Rocket Ready signal on the umbilical cord) is set by UMB_REPORT_ROCKETREADY = 3341 = 19A 0 1 [rr] where rr is:

Charging (whether the Li Ion battery is being charged or not) is set by PWR_REPORT_CHARGER = 3B61 = 1DB 0 1 [chrg] where chrg is:

Battery volts, current and state of charge are set by:

S1 - S4 (state of the power switches) are set by APS_REPORT_SWITCH_1 through APS_REPORT_SWITCH_4 where byte 0 is: