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New PSAS Logo

As of August 2, 2006, PSAS has a new official logo. Frank Mathew is still tweaking a couple details, but here are the current designs:


Logo04BCombo banner.jpg

Business Cards

Logo04BCombo business-card.jpg

Letter head

Logo04BCombo letterhead.jpg


Logo04BCombo tshirt.jpg

Simple Logos

Monochrome and flattened-color logos. Logo04BCombo monocrome-flattened.jpg

Old PSAS Logo

Here's a PDF (vector drawing) of the old PSAS logo done in black and white with text outlines (no font): psas logo vector bw outlines.pdf

Here's a PNG (giant, ~ 3300 x 800) of the old PSAS logo: psas logo vector bw outlines 2.PNG