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PSAS Field Server


We'd like the ability to take our software and system development tools along with us when we go into the field - literally, as in a giant sage brush field in the middle of Oregon, or figuratively, as when we're in the middle of the dry lake bed of the Black Rock Desert. The PSAS field server provides these tools by mirroring our server which we'll leave safely at PSU in case the field server crashes due to.... field conditions.


  1. Provides a working TWiki mirror of
  2. Providers a working CVS mirror of
  3. Provides local networking (DHCP, DNS, etc) on a local wired network and to laptops via a WAP.
  4. Doesn't require other boxes to change configurations (e.g., a development laptop can still contact
  5. Has a Testing/Unstable(?) Debian repository (x86 only).
  6. Links to the rocket via a Lucent Orinoco card in a PCI-to-PC Card adapter board.
  7. If we're having a integration test day, it would be nice if the server acted as a gateway to the internet via a local DSL/Cable connection.


The existing server has:

Thinkpad A30p Field Server