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  1. Hardware Selection
  2. Candidate microcontroller evaluation boards
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    2. SparkFun
    3. Keil
    4. IAR
    5. HiTex
    6. Olimex
  3. Chosen Eval Board (Olimex)
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Hardware Selection

Of the front-end microcontroller candidates, we've selected the Phillips LPC2148, an ARM7-TDMI with USB.

We are also considering some switching step-down voltage regulators.

A USB hub controller has yet to be selected.

JTAG interfaces under consideration are:

Candidate microcontroller evaluation boards

Embedded artists


bigger board - $74.95

smaller board - $39.95





Chosen Eval Board (Olimex)

On the Olimex LPC-P2148 page, there's a link to the schematic (in pdf and gif form) and links to two demo software programs (a mouse demo and a button demo). Looks like the firmware loaded on the flash is the "button demo".

Part distributors


Worth a look?