Mocom Radio Information

About the Mocoms

mocom picture.jpg

Our 2m (146.43MHz) emergency uplink system needed a powerful radio to make sure we could send emergency commands to the rocket. We had some surplus Mocom radios - old VHF radios from the early 1970's - which can put out about 50W max.

We've used the Mocoms for LV1/1b and are continuing to use them for LV2.

and attach it directly to a device which generates DTMF signals.

Mocom Information

Uses crystals to get RX/TX = 146.43MHz

The radio's connector (what we call the "head"):

mocom head.jpg

Wiring schematic:

mocom wiring scematic.jpg

Shot of the inside of the Mocom radio: note the added diode and the power out adjustment potentiometer.

mocom innards.jpg

Closeup on the added diode since we'll surely have to do it again: It's a 1N4001 diode which should kill the back-EMF of the relay coil so that we don't blow the mocom driving circuit.

mocom diode.jpg