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-- ?LarryLeach - 28 Apr 2002

Launch Manual

June 22 2002

This document is intended to be used as a guidline for preparing for and executing the upcoming launch of LV2 from Brothers Oregon June 22, 2002. This is meant to be a flexible plan that can be modified as mission requirements and time lines deem necessary.

To run a well organized launch that will be both professional and safe for the team members, members of the media, and others who have come out to enjoy the launch, it is necessary to break our Launch activities into phases. These phases will have critical teams assigned to specific tasks during these times to ensure ownership is applied to all aspects of our activities and that nothing is left undone or missed because somebody forgot or thought someone else would take care of it.

With this in mind teh upcoming launch can be broken into 5 distinct phases, all covering a specified window of time during our launch activities. These phases are as follows :

Phase 1 SET-UP
from arrival at launch site to sometime late friday (June 21)
from Saturday morning (June 22) to T-60 minutes (target window 1-4 PM)
from T-60 to T=0 (ignition)
Phase 4 COUNT-UP
from T=0 to full recovery of vehicle
from full recovery of vehicle to departure from launch site.

Each phase of launch activity will have a certain number of teams with members assigned to teams to make sure necessary responsibilities are carried out and 'system-prep' check lists are completed.

Doing this and taking careful notes on what works and what doesn't work in this process. Also what needs to be added or taken away from this processshould hopefully help us get it done in the day and a half we have given ourselves to do it in. It will also refine our operations and logistics for running a launch so that we may apply them to future launches.