PSAS/ LV2cMotorCasing

Motor Casing For LV2c

The combustion chamber of the rocket motor is surrounded by a pressure vessel whose circumference consists of a thick walled aluminum tube. We call this tube the motor casing. The casing contains the motor contents during the heat and pressure of the motor burn. The operating pressure of the motor is roughly 600 psi, and although the internal temperature of the burning motor is quite high, the short duration of the burn and the insulating properties of the paper motor liner combine to keep the temperature of the motor casing reasonably low during the period when the chamber is under high pressure.

Our motor casing is made by Sublight Aerospace LLC, a company co-founded by one of our former members.

Total casing weight empty 7.25 +/- 0.1 pounds.


The drawing shown is available in PDF format as well in source (DXF) format.