PSAS/ LV2AeroShellConstruction

LV2 Aeroshell Construction Notes

Aeroshell Material List


We'd like to make at least two complete aeroshells 60" long on a 5.25" outside diameter tube. The resulting circumference is 16.5", or two complete wraps per yard.

A good minimum target quantity is 2 yards by 60".

Don't want to order too little. At least 3 aero shells and maybe 4 nosecones. (So many nosecones because there may be failures, and extra fabric material won't be wasted.)

Each aeroshell layup will be on a 60" mandrel of ~18" diameter.

Nosecones are ~36" long and ~18" in diameter.

Therefore aeroshell area is about 0.83 sqyd, and nosecone area about 0.5 sqyd. 3 aeroshells are about 2.5 yd, and 4 nosecones = 2 yd. The total layup will be around 4.5yd, but i think 6 yd will make us feel better about our selves.

Layup will be 3 layers (check this w/ Brian | Maggie). Epoxy coverage is about 30 sqft/gal for 1.5oz cloth.
We want 6 yd * 9 sqft/yd * 3 = 162 sqft or 5.4 gal. Lets start with 1 gal and get more later since epoxy is available locally.

Pigment runs <5% by weight, assume similar densities 1 gal of epoxy requires about 6 oz, but TAP plastics sez 1-2 oz per gallon of epoxy for their "super pigment"