PSAS/ GroundAntennaDesignLV2

Ground Antennas for LV2

We have five ground antennas to build:

No. Function Frequency Gain Beamwidth Bandwidth [MHz] Polarization
1 LCM ↔ LT 2.422GHz 802.11b high narrow 20 linear
2 LT ↔ LCM 2.422GHz 802.11b high narrow 20 linear
3 LCM ← LV2 1.277GHz ATV 17dB 30° 20 RHCP
4 LCM ↔ LV2 2.422GHz 802.11b 17dB 30° 20 RHCP
5 LCM → LV2 144MHz 2m moderate very wide 0.05 RHCP

Our antenna choices are:

Variation on this using a remote telemetry site at 45 degree antenna elevation at apogee.

The link budget of these antenna systems are described on the LinkBudget page.

Helical Antenna Design

Dimensions of interest:

Helix antenna references:

Jason Hecker's Helix Antenna site.

ARRL The ARRL Antenna Book.16th ed. 3rd pr. 1993, p19-22

Antenna Engineering Handbook, Helix

Space Mission Analysis and Design, Communication Architecture

Turnstile-Reflector Antenna Design

Turnstile antenna references:

ARRLSatelite Experimenters Handbook

ARRLAntenna Handbook

Antenna Engineering Handbook