PSAS/ CanNodeDevTools

LV2 CAN Node with PicCore Development Tools

First of all, a million thanks to the people at HI-TECH Software for donating for seats of the PICC-18 compiler to our project!

You'll need the following hardware:

  1. A workstation (pref. a laptop for portability) with:
    • >= 1024 x 768 screen
    • USB port
    • A stable Win 98SE or XP installation
  2. In Circuit Debugging (ICD) setup:
    • MPLAB ICD2 "puck"
    • USB cable
    • The appropriate ICD2 to node cable: usually 6pin RJ11 to v2 Can Node 2mm connector, or a 6 pin RJ11 to v3 CAN Node JED connector
  3. LV2 CAN Node:
    • The PCB and any application stuff you require (e.g., GPS, IMU, etc.)
    • "CAN" cable (twisted pair)
    • 9 - 12V DC power supply (CHECK THE CURRENT REQUIREMENTS!)
  4. CANtalope Setup for monitor CAN messages
    • CANtalope board
    • Power supply
    • CAN cable
    • CANtalope software, which may require another computer w/serial port running Linux

You'll need the software installations:

  1. MPLAB IDE v6.43: Get the full install, feel free to get documentation and such).
  2. PICC-18 v8.30 C Cross-Compiler: Get the latest executable, currently 8.30
  3. PICC-18 v8.30 patch for MPLAB: You'll need this too.

And you'll need to set up the software in the following way:

  1. MPLAB v6.43 settings (e.g., project settings and configuration bits)
  2. PICC-18 V8.30: Install it and contact Andrew: