PSAS/ AvionicsPayloadInfoLv2

Electrical Interface to LV2

Here's a few note about the electrical interface for LV2.


You'll need to provide your own power supply/battery pack. The avionics system's battery pack can't be used for safety considerations.


LV2 uses 2.422GHz, 1.57542GHz, and 1.277GHz radio systems. There are also some IF bands the radios we'd like you to stay away from; I'll post them as soon as I can collect them. Please don't use a radio system which interferes with these frequencies.


Use whatever you'd like! Note that we have PIC18F458 nodes available for your use.


You can use LV2's telemetry system, but unfortuantely only via a PSAS CAN node.

The PIC18F458 CAN node has a ton of available peripherals: UART, 10bit ADC, GPIO, PWM, timers, etc. And we can probably whip out simple programs for you: sampling sensors, toggling ports, etc.

Note that if you want to run your own microcontroller, there's a great way to get your data down with a minimum of hassle: we can create a "virtual UART" using a CAN node. Plug your uC's UART into the PSAS CAN node and we'll packetize the serial steam on the CAN bus, and log it or send it down the telemetry system for you.