PSAS/ AtvCanNodeForLv2

ATV Can Node

It's a PIC16F877 + SJA1000 "MISC" PCB modified to use a PIC18F458 running at 20MHz. It also has the following pin hooked up to the ATV distribution board:

Pin # Goes to:
RC2/CCP1 36 Power level
RD0 38 Red LED
RD1 39 ATV transmitter IPS511s feedback pin
RD2 40 ATV transmitter IPS5451S input (ATV TX power on/off)
RD3 41 Overlay board IPS511s feedback pin
RD4 02 Overlay board IPS511S input (overlay board power on/off)
RD5 03 Camera IPS511s feedback pin
RD6 04 Camera IPS511S input (camera power on/off)

atv\ can\ node.jpg

U = UART, P = PA power level, 5 = 5V (orange), 1 - 6 is the PIC pin number (RD1 - RD6). Note that the wires dive through the holes for strain relief.