wiki/ news/ 2013-03-12 - Chat with Boston University rocket propulsion group

Nathan and Andrew met with D. Armor Harris of a student amateur rocketry group called The BU Rocket Propulsion Group. They're making big hybrids, and planning on making much bigger ones. Their team is mostly focused on the motor and airframe, so they're a very good fit with our group. We all decided it would be great to collaborate, and discussed both tech details of providing an avionics system, and how the two groups might work together.

They are planning for an August launch in the Black Rock Desert to 15 km (50 kft), and would love to "bolt on" our 5.25 inch OD avionics module to their 6 inch rocket using some adapter plates. This seems pretty reasonable, and would provide them some great data and us an opportunity for a pretty high flight.

Down the road, they're planning on a 30 km (120 kft) launch in 2014 and then a 150 km (400 kft) space shot in 2015. That's a pretty aggressive schedule, but we're all for it :)

Here is a mini presentation Armor brought with him.