wiki/ news/ 2012-09-11 - Last Chance Fall Launch Date

Last Chance Fall Launch Date

After thinking about it for a little bit we decided that we can't make the end of September, so launching this year means going to the Oregon Rocketry launch on October 20-21. In order to make that date we have to have some things done in advance.

Launch Objectives

Launch Timeline

Date Activity
Tue 09/11 Launch date decision
Fri 09/14 Communication test day
Tue 09/18 TBD
Fri 09/21 Backup communication test day, LTC build day (Andrew out)
Sun 09/23 Move rocket bits from Tim's to Dave's house
Tue 09/25 TBD (Andrew out)
Fri 09/28 LTC build/integration day
Tue 10/02 FC done, LTC done, payload module done
Fri 10/05 1st integration test day @ Dave's house (Feature freeze, write checklists, 1st rocket/LTC integration, launch rocket with lightbulb, shore power, rocketready, etc)
Whatever isn't ready, we're not going to fly: feature freeze.
Tue 10/09 Recovery system prep completed
Fri 10/12 Integration test day @ Dave's house (Full comms integration day @ Tim's house)
Final Checklist / Code freeze
Tue 10/16 Go/No Go decision, final logistics,
Thu 10/18 Weather last call
Fri 10/19 Pack and prep
Sat 10/20 Drive, arrive, setup, astronomy
Sun 10/21 Launch after noon, packup and drive