wiki/ news/ 2012-08-24 - AV3 communication gear bringup (but no testing yet)

Wow, after a hundred billion years, and a lot of effort in the last 12 hours, AV3's comm gear is finally up and running. Thanks to Theo, Glenn, Richard, Frank, and Bart for getting this all done today.

Wireless configuration of the Ralink RT2860:

# iw reg set US
# iw list         (to find the physical name of the device and confirm channel 36 is usable in ad-hoc mode)
# iw phy2 interface add adhoc0 type ibss
# iwconfig adhoc0 mode ad-hoc essid LV2 freq 5180M
# ifconfig adhoc0 up
# ifconfig adhoc0

Wireless configuration via Network Manager for a development laptop:


To do: