wiki/ news/ 2012-06-20 - RF cabling, Getting WiFi and GPS working on the FC

RF Cabling

Glenn crimped and soldered more cables - we believe we are officially all RF-cabled up now. Hooray! This includes shortening the RG316 coming off the CPAs.

Launch Tower Computer (LTC)

Richard showed off a C# interface to the BeagleBoard/Phidget LTC setup - it was great! Richard, Nathan and Andrew then went over the current LTC design and boards. Richard will be back in 2+ weeks with a complete system design and PCB layouts for us to review and then fire off. Goal: new LTC up and running


Nathan, Andrew, and Josh-by-jabber got the Alfa Networks 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless USB adapter (Model: AWUS051NH) working on the FC. We found out we were missing the RT2800USB driver, so Josh re-compiled us a kernel in approximately 48 seconds on his 8 core Xeon server. After hating Josh a little bit for this, we installed the kernel and the WiFi driver loaded.

We also added the following packages: firmware-ralink, wireless-tools, usbutils, wavemon


We soldered on the GPS carrier board cable board to the USB cable - the first of the LPKF S63-routed boards! - and although the onboard FTDI FT232R enumerated, it didn't come up as /dev/ttyUSB0. Whoops - we forgot to include ftdi_sio in the damn kernel so Josh re-built us a kernel (17 seconds this time thanks to caching) and it just worked.

Yay! Overall, a great night.