wiki/ news/ 2012-06-19 - Potential Fall Launch Date


Weekend Dates Notes
July 28-29 Oregon Rocketry "Desert Heat" launch
August 4-5 Full Moon
August 11-12
August 18-19 New Moon
August 25-26
September 1-2 Oregon Rocketry "September Sage Xtreme" launch + Full Moon
September 9-8
September 15-16 PRIMARY2: XPRS (Black Rock) New Moon
September 22-23 PRIMARY1: BALLS21 (Black Rock)
September 29-30 End of first week of Fall 2012 term
October 6-7
October 13-14 New Moon
October 20-21 BACKUP: Oregon Rocketry "Rocketober" launch

Dates to Keep Open

July 28-29: The first date would be the ORock July launch "Desert Heat". This is probably too soon to be comfortably done with the rocket.

September 22-23: The second date would be either BALLS21 or XPRS in Black Rock Nevada, ideally BALLS for the cool rockets and comradery.

October 20-21: Backup date - hopefully we'll launch before this date, since this is right after midterms and it's cold out there in October.