wiki/ news/ 2012-02-07 - Testing SBS boards with the new Atom FC

Jamey, Tim and Andrew went to the PSBA to figure out if the new Atom FC could talk to the BQ3060 Smart Battery System (SBS) fuel gauge and the BQ24725 SBS battery charger chips.

Hardware Setup

Software Setup

We then ran these commands to get some more tools:


And we got things! Lots of things! Here are some of the commands we ran:

Then we poked directly at address 0x0b using i2cset and found our lovely BQ3060:

We then sent sudo i2cset -y 0 0xb 0x0 0x41 w which is the reset command (and then we read it back, just in case) and the status went back to 0x010A and the outputs came back on.



It's a mixed bag. While we could clearly talk to the BQ3060, Linux didn't automagically recognize it as an attached smart battery.

Questions and next steps: