wiki/ news/ 2011-08-19 - Futzing with CPAs at the PSU EMAG lab

Glenn, Andrew and Jamey futzed with antennas down in the PSU emag lab.

  1. WiFi antenna @ 5.18 GHz

Looks like we have a nice resonance at 5.187 GHz. That's close enough to Channel 36's 5.180 GHz that life is good.

  1. We took a look at the crazy-ass response of the hardline coax for the GDO. Woah!

  2. Then we looked at a 100 MHz - 10 GHz sweep of the wifi antenna.

  3. The we did 5 - 6 GHz. WIFI_5

  4. Then Golden Meat Hands: WIFI_6

  5. Then rubber tubing. WIFI_7. Although it had an effect, using rubber tubing was too inconsistent to be worth using.

  6. ATV_1 was the 1 - 10 GHz sweep.

  7. ATV_2 was the 2.0 - 2.6 GHz

So we decided we should tune these antennas - see 2003-10-20. Basically, we're going to whack off a mm or two from the bottom of each antenna and try and get it into the right range. In particular, we're going to want to move the ATV up 50 MHz to the 2.39 GHz channel, and the GPS up to 1.575 GHz. We can leave the WiFi because "it's good enough" at channel 36.