wiki/ news/ 2011-08-16 - Potential Fall Launch Planning

2011-09-20: We've officially scrapped another fall launch. We'll announce our spring launch date early next year.

Potential Fall Launch Planning

We have the possibility to turn around and re-launch with a new motor after the failed launch in July.

Important Dates

Event Date
Beginning of term September 26
First Weekend before School September 24-25
First Weekend during School October 1-2
Roctober (ORock) October 14-16 *Launch Date

Dave can't make it 25th and Jamey can't make 16th, but Keith can't make October 1/2nd. Since Keith is our L3 cert person, if we're launching this fall, then it's got to be Sunday October 16th.

We're not sure if we have a motor casing for that flight, so there's some doubt we're going to have a motor available by then.