wiki/ news/ 2011-07-22 - CPA v4 construction party

We met on Friday July 22nd and patches in hand, built up our three cylindrical patch antennas (version 4). We designed the frequencies for:

Name Frequency Description
WiFi 5.785 GHz Channel 157 of the 802.11 bands
ATV 2.430 GHz Mid-band of 13 cm amateur radio band (also ISM band)
GPS 1.575 GHz Standard GPS L1 frequency

Here are some pictures!

Checking out our cute 2.4 / 5.8 GHz Helicals

We purchased some COTS helical antennas for the trackmaster and the LC/LTC WiFi link. We opened them up to take a peek, and boy are they cute! We're glad we did, too, since one of the 2.4 GHz antenna feeds was broken. Looks like the TNC connector was twisted around and broke off the feed. We turned it to the correct position, bent it back into position (we hope), and resoldered the wire.