PSAS/ news/ 2007-04-11 - Bruce gives a presentation on RTOSs for the LPC2148

Bruce presents on RTOSs for the LPC2148

Bruce (go Bruce go) put together a powerpoint presentation on the RTOSs he found for the LPC2148... which was essentially eCos and FreeRTOS. So he focussed on FreeRTOS.

You can get FreeRTOS from, but you'll have to be a member. We've posted the current source here on this page since it's small, and easy to get to: lpc2148

You can find his prsentation here:

Joel finds RTEMS

RTEMS seems like a much larger OS than FreeRTOS, even more than eCos possibly. We don't like how big it is, or that it's eCos like in its complexity. And a lot of the documentation is broken.

We look over FreeRTOS

We all looked over FreeRTOS to check out the build system. It looks pretty sane, sort of like what we expect. Possibly a little under what we expect - it's sort of more bare bones than we'd like (a souped up PicCore!) but that's fine. We've got some questions:

  1. What build tools do you need?
  2. What parts are specifically ported to the LPC2148 and which not.

What's Next

  1. Bruce and Joel are going to look over RTEMS just to make sure we really do hate it.
  2. Then they're going to dive into FreeRTOS and get it up and running on the LPC2148.