PSAS/ news/ 2000-10-07 - Successful launch of LV1b in Bend, OR

Portland State Aerospace Society has successfully launched their LV1b rocket to approximately 12,000 feet on October 7th. This launch verified new hardware including a 6 degree of freedom Inertial Measurement Unit incorporating accelerometers and gyroscopes in the X, Y, and Z axis. Also on board was a GPS system that tracked the course of the flight while simultaneously transmitting the position down to the ground via an "off the shelf" 900MHz downlink along with an Amateur Television signal. Initial analysis of data is very good to apogee but shows some post-apogee data and video drop out due to possible damage of antenna array by recovery system deployment. The data is currently being analyzed and the results will be posted shortly.


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MPEG video clips




Footage from ground :
(camera A)(320x240)
Run time : 34 seconds
Footage from ground :
(camera B)(640x480)
Run time : 20 seconds
Footage from ground :
(camera C)(640x480)
Run time : 14 seconds
Same clip
Run time : 34 seconds

Data :


Photo Gallery : click on thumbnail to view larger image

Equipment loading prior to launch site departure.

Launch Operations.

Performing communications checks from Launch Control Module.

Roger J. and Jim W. ready wireless link between Tower and LCM.

Top view of avionics/flight computer.

Tim B., Andrew G. and Glenn L. attach antenna's.

Nathan gives a hand in the LCM.

Bart M. and Jamey S. bring launch support software online.

Antenna farm. You name it, we got it!

Brian O. and Glenn L. transport rocket out to launch tower.

Matt R. and Brian O. load rocket onto launch rail.

Matt R. preps motor igniter.

Jim W. readies Launch Tower microcontroller.

Tim B. attaches umbilical.

Final vehicle check.



Tower cleared.

It's outta here!

The PSAS team- all systems successfully recovered.