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PSU ECE Capstone 2012-2013 Project: RocketNet Hub

Team members Jackson, JJ, Michael
Academic Advisor Rick Campbell
PSAS Advisors Andrew


The 2012-2013 ECE capstone team is designing a central "RocketNet hub" board that:

  1. Distributes battery voltage to all nodes via soft-start current-limited switches.
  2. Distributes 10/100 Mb Ethernet to all nodes via an Ethernet switch.
  3. Interfaces two other auxiliary signals to each node (USB, CAN, serial, etc).
  4. Interfaces with the Umbilical cord:
    • The umbilical provides shore power, Ethernet from the LTC, and a "launch detect" signal.
    • The umbilical takes the safety-critical "rocketready" launch interlock signal from the rocket.
  5. Provides a SBS battery charger to charge the on-board LiPo battery pack.
  6. Which is all controlled by a STM32F407Vx microcontroller and switching power supply.




Capstone Specific Documents