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AV3 Flight Computer Code

The L-10 flight is running a flight computer on the AV3 avionics system.

  1. AV3 Flight Computer Code
    1. Behavior
      1. Startup:
        1. startupmode file
      2. Debug mode
      3. Flight mode


Notes: FCF June 2013 launch

The flight computer code is a program called fc. When the flight computer boots it always immediately runs fc.


There are two modes, DEBUG and FLIGHT. The first thing fc does is check a special file startupmode for the correct mode. If the file is not found or readable or understandable FLIGHT is assumed.

startupmode file

one line ASCII text DEBUG or FLIGHT.

Debug mode

In debug mode fc waits for commands.

Flight mode

In flight mode fc brings up all peripherals, starts polling data and writing to logs and over wifi.