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Launch Tower Instructions

Wireless Network Configuration

Channel:    802.11b – Ch1
SSID:   psas
WPA-2:  psasrocket
Router IP Address:
DHCP Range:     .50 - .100
Static Range:   .10 - .40

Original LTC Computer:

New LTC Computer: (wireless) (wired)

Access point

IP Address:
Username: admin
Password: psaslv1b
(if password doesn’t work – try leaving it blank)

Basic Setup

Tools Needed


Mount LTC box to already-standing launch tower [graphic]
Turn “side bulkhead” POWER and ARMING switches to “OFF” position [graphic]
Place breaker-bar in LTC [graphic]
Remove bottom plate cover from cable enclosure [graphic]

Power Cable Routing

Note: Run each powerpole connector one at a time and they will fit through opening. If you attempt to run all three at once – they will not fit.

Run Ignite leads through “bottom bulkhead” opening “A” and connect to 3&4
Run Battery leads though “bottom bulkhead” opening “A” and connect to 1&2
Run Solar Panel leads through “bottom bulkhead” opening “A” and connect to 5&6

Data Cable Routing

Connect rocket umbilical to “bottom bulkhead” receptor “B”
Connect sensor data cable into “bottom bulkhead” receptor “C”
Connect Wireless antenna cable to “bottom bulkhead” receptor “D”


Turn “side bulkhead” Power switch to “ON”

Look for lights on devices to indicate operation
L7/L8/L9 should be flashing
L2/L6 should light
Note: if no lights – immediately turn off power and troubleshoot

Replace bottom plate cover onto cable enclosure
Begin login process for testing checkout


Open Telnet / SSH session

Ip Address (wireless):
Ip Address (wired):

Instructions fer setting up wifi

sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop
sudo /etc/init.d/networking start


Start launch tower computer software

Common Commands

Reboot Computer Instantly
# reboot –t now

Turn off computer instantly
# poweroff –t now

View IP Addresses assigned to interfaces
# ip address show

Internal Connections

Internal Routing

Bottom Bulkhead

Side Bulkhead

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