wiki/ LV2c360Camera

360 Degree Video Camera Module


This module houses 5 Gopro Hero3 cameras giving it the ability to capture panoramic video and photographs. It can record at various frame rates and resolutions: 960p 30, 48, 100. 1440p 30, 48. All five cameras will be triggered via the flight computer and charged on shore power till launch. Once the footage is recovered, it will be synced and stitched to produce a single 360ยบ video. This video can then be used for interactive viewing, reflection & indirect illumination for 3d rendering.

The first launch will be recording 960p @ 100fps. This will produce ~4000x1264 video of the flight. This module can produce ~6500x2000 @ 48fps and can shoot ~11,000x3500 still images. See examples below.

Test frames

4k Still (video resolution we will be using for the first launch)

View this image in a interactive viewer @

11k Picture Still

Fabrication Pictures