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BeagleBoard Overview

The main computer running the Launch Tower is a BeagleBoard xM ( This computer is referred to as the Launch Tower Computer (LTC).

The Phidget's data acquisition and USB WiFi connect to the LTC. The LTC is managed through SSH over the WiFi connection. The LTC can also be used to access and control the Rocket through a serial connection.

BeagleBoard Notes

Tested the power draw of the BeagleBoard ==> 5v @ 950mA – no HDMI monitor attached w/ wireless keyboard and WiFi USB dongle actively running and Phidget relay board attached. Phidget runs 12v @ 200mA when all relays are initially triggered. When selecting the DC/DC power converter that would run the BeagleBoard we calculated 5v * 1.2A (safe increase from 950mA recorded) * (safety factor) = 2 amps. However, we had a spare (Murata OKI-78SR-5/1.5-W36-C) which supports 1.5 amps and decided to use that instead.

BeagleBoard Setup

Below are the many steps we went through to configure the BeagleBoard with Debian Linux and Phidget webservice drivers.