PSAS/ AtvTransmitterLv2

ATV Transmitter for LV2

Transmitter type: COP15-1200VT transmitter from PC Electronics

Information on the pre-emphasis circuit and a de-emphasis circuit are at <> Attached is a report of simulation of the pre-emphasis circuit.

These TX's may not be available. Have a PIC programmed to change the frequency into the ham band in a socket.

The unit we received has a pull up resistor to Vcc on pin 2, in addition to pin 2 being grounded. I suspect this is to provide one with the option of setting either state on pin 2. Tom's application note says pin 2 selects between a group of common AM or FM frequencies. We want 1253.25 MHz, so we want pin 2 grounded according to Tom's AN.

What we did to the exciter: * Replaced F connector with an SMA * Put a euro screw connector where the input wires are. * Solder jumpered where the shunt block was * Something else?